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andani Prof. (Dr.) Andani VG

Born in a simple agricultural family of a village, Honna Kiranagi of Gulbarga district, Prof. (Dr.) V.G.Andani has given a new dimension to the field of Fine-art. Prof. (Dr.) Andani has 34 years of teaching experience in fine-art and also the founder of Ideal Fine Art Institute. He has dedicated his life to the field of fine-art and has elevated the Ideal Fine Art Institute to the national level. He also has the credit of establishing the Post Graduate centre at the of visual Arts and currently serves as the director of PG studies. Also he is one of the distinguished members of Art education advisory council at Hobitute Art ( Prof. Andani has uplifted thousands artists from rural India and molded them to gain national and international recognition.
Dr.V.G.Andani’s works stand out as evocative impressions of subtle voyages. Distinguished by sturdy lines, gentle colors and immaculate composition, they work at different planes and levels. On one hand, they appear to be reproduced images of real life, where the predicament of individual is highlighted, probed and reconstructed. On the other, they show up as vignettes of everyday reality, with all its life experiences and understanding of human form and behavior.

In Dr. Andani words, “My mind picked up many voices even at a tender age and zealously tried to visualize vivid lines and figures in them. Lines formed and filled my consciousness as though life itself was a colorful dream full of lines and criss-crossing drawings. The wind, the dust, even the traffic on the road created an indelible impression in my mind. The rattling sound of the bullock cart, the rhythmic steps of the horse that pulled the Tonga, the tinkling of the bells, the movement of the tongawala…..all these influenced me in my drawings”. Andani’s works, thus, in many ways is highlighted by its robust nativity. The rural ambiance with its annual fairs, the folk songs, dance and drama have thrilled his senses and found their way into his numerous drawings and paintings. His rugged lines and delicate forms have caught intimate movement of the performers; his ever growing curiosity and interest in indigenous art forms have always delighted and enthused his students and art lovers known to him.

Prof. Andani helped shaping Hobitute Art ( ) since its inception at various capacities. He believe the Hobitute’s endeavor to offer art education to thousands of economically backward youths, women and children would change the landscape of art awareness and create opportunity for these people to earn through art.

Recognizing the services rendered and his achievements in art, Gulbarga University has conferred him the honorary Doctorate Degree. Also he is the recipient of several prestigious awards including National Academy Award, Varnashilpi Venkatappa award, and Karnataka Rajyothsava award.

appajaiah Prof. Appajaiah K.S.

Prof Appajaiah has over 20 years of teaching experience in fine-art and currently heads the Painting department at Chitrakala Parishath and also a member of art education advisory council at Hobitute Art ( ). He also served as the principal at the Fine Art College at Karnataka Chitrakalaparishath. As an artist and teacher, Prof. Appajaiah always loves to experiment with new mediums for creating art rather than just using canvas and paint. Also, his artworks portray social aspects that impact common man.
Appajaiah’s paintings are portraits of ordinary objects, though for Appajaiah they are not mere objects-which –in the hustle and bustle of daily life-are taken for granted. They have a meaningful existence of their own; they have their own associations with people, places and events.

Through his art Appajaiah tries to probe into the secrets lives of everyday objects and examines forms and structures that give them their significance. Through these familiar objects, he revisits his own past, his own personal experience, and journeys. Most of Appajaiah’s works appear simple and straightforward and have normal looks, but embrace subtle feelings and reminiscences.

Appajaiah’s art encompasses ordinary objects and nostalgic memories which are intrinsically entwined. Far from just portraying ordinary inanimate objects; it provides glimpses of the artist’s personal experiences, internal agitation and explorations. It also tells the viewer’s something about human impulses and urgings; about living and valuing; about a search for identity.

As fine-art teacher he wanted all the learners experimenting with different medias and also keep changing the style. Such changes, he feels, would give power to artists to express various themes effectively.

He believes that the innovativeness brought by Hobitute in the art education would help art learners to understand various techniques better. In his view, the expert library and art learner’s network offered by Hobitute Art Education would enhance the learning experience and offer different perspectives to budding artists.

Prof. Appajaiah is the recipient of Karnataka Lalithakala Academy Award and conducted several solo and group shows across India

Our Gurus

appajaiah Ganesh P. Doddamani

Ganesh Doddamani is senior practicing artist who has been fascinated by the architectural marvels of India. He is particularly attracted by the architectural remains of Hampi world heritage site in Karnataka, India. He has made hundreds of oil paintings capturing the beauty of Hampi, the land of Vijayanagar Empire with distinct strokes. His paintings are an architectural articulation of beauty and the unworldly mysticism. Ganesh is also famous for his paintings depicting various moods of Buddha.

Ganesh completed his Masters in Fine-arts from the famous Shantiniketan and Bachelors in fine-arts from MMK College of visual arts. He is the recipient of Lalithakala academy scholarship during his studies. For the past 15 years, Ganesh is fully involved in paintings that captures the life and moods in the world. He is an expert in oil colours.

Ganesh loves to impart training in art and take the message art to younger population. He liked Hobitute’s mission of imparting art education to all, irrespective of their location and financial constraints. Currently Ganesh is one of the Gurus at Hobitute Art Education ( ), the world’s first fully downloadable on-line drawing and painting classes. Also he is actively participating in Hobitute Art Foundation’s ( ) mission to take art education to economically backward children and youth.

Per critic Keshav Malik, “At moments Ganesh P Doddamani works with tell signs and symbols. For instance he made the prime subject a national flag with its face to the world. This is a work that sends out signals to would be perceptive viewers. This genre is a little playful but chaste. It suggests that the moments in life are vast and varied and that we may not lay down in fright. It says that let us garnish our life with salts of various cultures."

Every year, Ganesh participates in over 10 painting exhibitions across India. His paintings are in the collection of several galleries and people across the world. Through his paintings, Ganesh wanted to give life to many objects which a common man feels unworthy. One such example is his series of beautiful paintings about dried Peepal leaf.

He is strongly associated with Hobitute Online Art Education ( ) as Guru and also as mentor to many drawing and painting enthusiasts.

appajaiah Jeetin Rangher

Jeetin Rangher is highly ambitious practicing artist, equally excelling in the areas of art education, art awareness creation, and art performances with societal impact. He has been instrumental in creating art curriculum for some of the top international schools in Bangalore. Being a passionate art teacher, he engages learners in the enormous possibilities of art.

Jeetin has Masters in fine-arts from Kens School of Art, Bangalore and Bachelors in fine-arts from College of Fine Arts, Bangalore University.

In the art front, Jeetin is one of the founders of the International Art Festival called Green World Art Festival, aimed at creating environmental awareness at grass-root level. He has done several solo and group art shows, wherein he created a distinct landmark by mixing physical performance with paintings, body art, and installations.

In Jeetin’s words “ I am very sensitive to my environment, both the natural as well as social. I am concerned about the human interventions up on natural order and natural world. The supremacy that man tries to establish over nature, a kind of colonizing and displacing natural habitats is one of the concerns that I take into the premises of my art, especially painting.
My performances are based on my observations of our social living. It is a response or critical reflection of our social as well as political behavior.”

Jeetin conducted number of solo and group exhibitions across India. Following are some of the prominent exhibitions and performances he conducted:

  • Photography Exhibition by “Frames” and “Gayoor” art foundation. 2 – may – 2011
  • Painting Dal Performance at Dal Lake Srinagar, Kashmir, J&K. 15 – April – 2011.
  • Two months extensive workshop on Art and Aesthetic with Banat School of Education, Gopalpora, Srinagar, J&K.21- April to July 2011.
  • Arts and Aesthetic workshop conducted for a month in Motherland Public School Zainapora, Kashmir, J&K. Feb – March 2011.
  • Love Embassy performance at One Shanti Road Bangalore- 19 December2010.
  • ART & EXPERIMENT 2nd National Artists Camp Puri Organised by Suvadra Art gallery- December
  • Green World Art Festival organized in Orrisa.
  • “Friends of Renaissance Season 3” Windsmaner Hotel Bangalore
  • All India Painting Camp Ministry of Culture, Gov. of India
  • Red Cloth and guns in golden basket Installations Kredo Art Gallery- June
  • Group show at M.F. Hussain Gallery- April

Jeetin’s works have been featured in Art Fair magazine and other leading dailies.

To reach out and to share the knowledge with the art lovers across the world, Jeetin closely associated with Hobitute as one of the Gurus. All the learners will tremendously benefited from Jeetin’s expertise in Art.

Narayan S Kumbar

Narayan is a passionate art teacher who has been imparting drawing and paintingclasses for the past 12 years. He has conducted several solo and group art shows across India. His skills in creating finest realistic and semi abstract paintings have been lauded by the art lovers and he has received several accolades in this regard. He is the recipient of Gold Medal from Indian Royal Academy, Gulbarga in the annual art competition conducted.

Narayan participated in several art projects executed by Hobitute. As an art teacher, Narayan is keen to impart techniques he acquired over several years to the lovers of art. He felt he could reach out to large number of drawing and painting enthusiasts through . Hobitute believes both adults and children would love learning painting from Narayan.

Narayan completed his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Bidar in Karnataka, India.

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