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  • Are the online painting and drawing courses offered by Hobitute effective?

    Hobitute researched the web based drawing and painting education for several years before arriving at various mechanisms. With our beta version, we tried this education among 50 children and adults to fine-tune overall effectiveness. It is concluded that Hobitute’s web based art education is much more effective than typical direct education due to following reasons:

    • Very systematic and slow teaching mechanism with plenty of examples. Experts in the respective areas with several years of experience are our Gurus.
    • Hobitute allows the learner to download the course modules to local computer. This enables the learner to repeat the videos several times without connecting to Internet. Hence, this is 24x7 learning. Your Guru is always with you at home!!
    • Based on the feedback from Beta version learners, we created shorter duration drawing and painting modules of 5 minutes each. This made it easy for the learners to repeat the concept in each modules 5 to 8 times by replaying the video and practicing several times.
    • Provision to ask questions to Guru. Just login to our website and click on the "Ask Question" link against the module. Learners can also refer to the answer to the questions asked by the other learners.
    • Learners can upload the images of their paintings and drawing for evaluation. They can even refer to the evaluation done for other paintings/drawings.
    • We are constantly adding expert talks and other knowledge artifacts to our knowledge library. These would help learners to get different perspectives of subject from various experts.
    • Art network to discuss with your friends and peer learners. Join Art network and create group for discussions. In addition to this, we have open discussion in the areas like drawing, shading, oil painting, poster painting, etc. This is an excellent mechanism to get feedback from your fellow learners and gurus on your art creations that have been uploaded to the network. Actively participate in these discussions to get maximum benefit.
  • What is course directory?

    Course directory gives you an overview of all the courses that are currently present at Check out the Course Directory.
    Hobitute is committed to add new courses periodically.

  • Are the courses offered for free?

    No, courses are not free for all the learners. They are free for the Government aided schools and for children who come from economically weaker section of the society. We may add certain fundamental courses free for the benefit of lovers of art. We make sure the prices are very affordable to everyone.
    The knowledge library, expert talks, blogs, and Art Network are free. The features and contents on the website are updated periodically for your benefit.

  • What does "Level" mean?

    A course is divided into Levels. For completing a course you need to complete all Levels. Each Level is self-sufficient with respect to contents.

  • Is it necessary to subscribe all levels in course at a time?

    No, it is not at all necessary to subscribe to all the levels in a course at a time. You can subscribe to one level at a time.

  • From where can I get discount coupon code?

    There are multiple ways in which you can get the discount coupons. We will be sending out Coupon code through emails, Facebook and other social network sites. Keep watching. You might be lucky sooner than you think.

  • What are the available modes of payment?

    We support Credit / Debit Card payment, Direct Money Transfer and cheque deposit into our account. Please note the transaction number if you are doing the direct transfer. Once we receive the Payment we shall activate the course for you.

  • I have transferred money using direct transfer or Cheque deposit. What is the next step?

    Just click on “Update Transaction Details” at “MyHome Page” and fill-in the details like transaction number or the cheque number in the form. Once the details are verified from our end we will activate the course for you. It may take upto two to three working days to activate the account in case of direct transfer. Also, you may email us the status at

  • In case I don’t have a credit card, how do I make the payment?

    You can directly transfer the money in any of our bank accounts. Once you are on payment selection page just select the Direct Payment option. On this page you will get the complete information on how to proceed further. Alternately you could make a cheque deposit into our account. Learners outside India who are paying in USD can deposit the amount at identified International Banks as mentioned in the direct payment page.

  • How are the videos on Hobitute different from the videos available on YouTube and other educational sites?

    Our videos are created by expert teachers who are in this field since a long time. You can download the videos into your computer after subscribing to them. Unlike You Tube, courses on Hobitute are very methodical and approach is learner centric. We emphasize on every important technique and give detailed instructions for each step. Entire mechanism is so intuitive that the learning will be thorough. You can raise queries on any module and it will be clarified/answered. We are constantly improving our courses and their features based on feedback. Don’t forget to read the blogs and other relevant knowledge artifacts that are added periodically.

  • In case of doubt, how should I proceed?

    As our courses are taken very slow and systematic fashion, we are confident that you will not have any questions. Under ideal circumstances you will be able to find answers to your query in the FAQ’s section placed under each course module. However, if case of doubts/ further clarifications you can always reach us at “Ask Question” feature against the respective module in All relevant questions will be answered to and added in the FAQ’s for the respective course/modules. Also you may write to us at

  • Would I be able to download various knowledge artifacts for the courses/modules as and when they are getting published?

    Yes. Once you are subscribed to a level within a course, you will be able to download all the knowledge artifacts that are added periodically for that level. Keep checking the site for expert talks, knowledge papers, guidelines, Blogs, and FAQ’s. The contents are very useful for the learner. Don’t miss them.

Generic answers :

  • How does one ensure effective learning?

    Please follow these instructions for effective learning.

    • Download all the modules of a particular course level into a single directory in a computer. Make sure each level is downloaded to separate folders for easiness of access. Please note that a downloaded module would work only with one computer.
    • Spend at least two hours per week for listening and practicing the module. Use a study board or clip board to support drawing sheets. Make sure all relevant materials are with you.
    • Though the modules are made simple and intuitive, repeat each module at least 3 to 4 times. Stop, start and replay the video for effectiveness. We recommend the use of speakers or ear phones to enhance learning.
    • All the modules are developed in a slow and systematic manner. This enables a learner to practice even without seeing the video.
    • Visit the web site to regularly read blogs and to download free knowledge artifacts. We keep adding several associated courses for your enhanced learning. Also, we have uploaded free videos on various topics by different experts for better learning.
    • You may “ask questions” using the link against each module. If relevant, the question will be answered and added to the FAQ’s against each module. You may even read the FAQ’s against each module to find the answers to the questions asked by the learners previously.
    • You may Upload, email or post your creations for evaluation and expert opinion. Please see My Courses page for relevant link. You will see this link above the top banner after logging in. Also you may email your drawings and painting to Discuss your ideas in the Art Network. You could get lot of insights from other learners and Gurus at Art Network.
    • Use Art Network for presenting your views and also learning from others. You could create your-own groups and also part of other groups. Upload your creations to get views from Gurus and peer learners.
  • What are the minimum system requirements to begin the course?

    You need a computer with internet connection, any web browser (IE 8.0 and above, Chrome or Mozilla). You would also need to download Hobitute Download Manager for downloading the course contents. These videos can be played on Hobitute Video Player. These applications can be downloaded from ‘My Home’ page. You will see My Home link after Login to the site at the top of the page.  Installation of Download manager and Video Player is very simple. It is essential to have earphones or good quality speakers. Currently we support Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 and Window Media Component), Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. We will be launching versions for MAC and Android soon.  Also you are recommended to read simple steps in ‘How To Start’ page. You could find the ‘How to Start’ button at Home page.

  • What is the method to convey suggestions/feedback?

    Your feedback & suggestions are extremely valuable to Hobitute. You can at any point in time send your suggestions to us through the Feedback Page.

  • How do I clarify any doubt or query that has not been looked into previously?

    You can get in touch with us with your query at We would be very pleased to help you with the solution.

Registration or Sign-up :

  • Is registration or Signup mandatory for subscribing to a course?

    Yes, you could purchase the courses only after registering or Signup and then Login to the system. Registration is a simple one-time process. This is mandated by the banks and regulatory authorities. Hence you must register or Sign-up.

  • How do I register or Sign-up?

    If you are a new user, complete the simple registration/Sign-up process to Join Hobitute. Registration is extremely simple. Click on the Login button at the top banner. You can Sign-up or register with any email id. Also, registration or Signup is not required if you have Google or Facebook accounts. You just click on Login with Facebook or Google. After registration or Signup, to subscribe to drawing or painting courses, Login with your email-id and password or login with your Facebook or Google.

  • What is the use of word “verification”?

    The word “verification” is used for protecting your personal data from malicious intents. It is used to ensure that the data is entered by a human being and not by some program. This is to protect your data.

  • Why do you need address detail?

    Address details are not mandatory while registering. However, when you proceed towards payment for a course, the corresponding Banks would require the address for verification purpose. Also the invoice generated will have your address mentioned.

  • Is there a registration fee?

    No we don’t charge any fees while registering at Hobitute or Onlinepaintingclasses.

  • How do you guarantee that my personal details will be safe with you?

    We have taken utmost care to safeguard your details. Hobitute will not use this information for any purpose other than related to your activity on the website. We will keep the data absolutely confidential. Unless otherwise a malicious attack which is beyond our control, your data will not be misused.

Hobitute Video Downloader answers :

  • Where do we download Hobitute Download Manager and Player from?

    You can download the Hobitute Video Downloader and video player from My Home Page. After login to the site, you will be able to see the My Home Page link above the top banner.

  • Why do I need to download and install the Hobitute Download Manager and Video Player?

    Hobitute Download Manager will ensure seamless downloading of all the modules pertaining to a subscribed course. Downloader ensures optimum bandwidth is used while downloading the files. And in case of any connection failure or power failure, video downloader makes sure that the contents are downloaded from where they were stopped initially. This saves you both time and money. For downloading the course contents click on the Download Manager icon at your desktop and login with your email-ID and password (same as website). Also you are strongly recommended to read simple steps at  ‘How To Start’ page for more information. Use Hobitute Video Player for accessing the license and best viewing the video.  When you play each downloaded module for the first time in Hobitute Video Player, enter your Email-id (same as your UserId at in the player and make sure the computer is connected to the Internet to acquire the license. This is a onetime activity. Next time onwards, to play your favourite video modules, you need not enter the Email-id or connect to Internet. Hobitute Player is optimized to give you the best visual effect. Course modules will not work in any other video player. 

  • What kind of information will be captured by Hobitute Video Downloader?

    It’s a simple video downloader with features demanded by our many learners. No Information is captured by the downloader other than downloading the contents intelligently and authenticating your subscription credentials. After downloading the contents you start playing the video with Hobitute Video Player. When you play the video modules for the first time in the player, connect to the Internet for acquiring the license. This is a one-time process. Once license is acquired, you don’t require Internet connection.

  • Would the video downloader (Download Manager) create any problem on my computer?

    No, the Hobitute Download Manager is absolutely safe. Hobitute created the downloader for your convenience based on the feedback from learners. Downloader just opens a pipe between your computer and Hobitute server to authenticate your subscription and ensure optimal downloading of course modules.

  • I have firewall and antivirus software installed. Would that be an issue?

    No, Firewall and antivirus software will ask for your permission to install the Hobitute Download Manager (Video Downloader) and Video Player. Please give permission (allow) on the popup. The firewall may also try to block the video downloader from contacting the Hobitute server for authenticating your subscription and subsequent download. You need to permit / allow video downloader contacting the Hobitute Server in case there is a message from the firewall or antivirus software.

  • Is it necessary to use the Hobitute video downloader to download course modules?

    Yes, we strongly insist on using the Hobitute Download Manager. We had created this downloader to address the issues faced by many of our customers while doing direct download. If you specifically insist with valid reasons, with nominal payment we could send courses in a DVD or USB stick (within India only).

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