Simple steps to subscribe and download

  • Login to (New users need to Register or Signup through a simple procedure which takes less than 1 min and then Login.)
  • Subscribe to the courses by making the payment through credit / debit cards or direct transfer (follow instructions) or cheque payment (follow instructions). Art lovers outside India need to pay in USD. Select USD as the currency option. Narration of the course modules is in neutral British English accent.
  • For downloading and playing the Hobitute courses, login and download the Hobitute Download Manager and Hobitute Video Player from ‘My Home’page and Install the same (You will see My Home link above the top banner of the website). [ If you have virus protection, press ‘Allow’ while installing the Download Manager and Video player. Whole installation takes around 5-10 minutes, and it is a one-time activity. [Note that these applications need Microsoft Dot Net Framework 4.0 or above.It’s simple, please go to ‘My Home’page and follow the directions]. [Learners with Windows XP should have Service Pack 2 or above to support the Microsoft DotNET Framework. Also you may need Windows Imaging Component (WIC). You will get automatic directions while installing Dot Net Framework. If prompted for the installation of WIC, you may download and install ‘wic_x86_enu.exe’ from the list.].

  • Once installed Hobitute Download Manager you can see the icon on your desktop /computer screen. Double-click on the Hobitute Download Manager icon on your computer screen, then the Microsoft Silverlight Window will open, Click on the “Install now” prompt. Opening the Hobitute Download Manager again will automatically install the Hobitute Video Player. Now you will see the Hobitute Player icon on the computer screen.
  • Note : If you are not seeing the prompt for installing Silverlight,then you might already have an old installation of the same. Please uninstall it and re-install the Hobitute download manager.

  • To download the course double-click on the Hobitute Download Manager icon on your computer screen. Enter Email-ID and Password (same as your ids or If you have signed up and subscribed through Facebook account please do login thorough Facebook).Wait for two or three minutes while Hobitute download manager checks your credentials, and loads the data.
  • Note : Select a single file/module from the list and click on the “Download File” button. This will download one module at a time. If your Internet bandwidth is low, we strongly suggest this option. You keep selecting the videos incrementally and download one at a time. Make sure that file has been downloaded completely. Don't play any partially downloaded files.

  • To play the video open the Hobitute Video Player by double-clicking on the Hobitute Player icon on your desktop / computer screen.Enter your Email-id (same as your User Id at website or registered email id with facebook) in the player and make sure the computer is connected to the Internet to acquire the license. This is a one-time activity. Next time onwards, to play your favorite video module select the downloaded videos using the ‘Open’ button on the Video Player. You need not enter the Email-id or connect to the Internet.

Thank you for supporting Hobitute’s initiative to spread high-quality art education to all.

Note: Videos works only with one computer.  Before acquiring the license (Step 6 above), please copy the entire course to the computer where you want to play the course. Also the videos will play only in the Hobitute Video Player. Currently we support Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 and Window Imaging Component), Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. We will be launching versions for MAC and Android soon.


Simple Steps to Learn

  • Congratulations! By now you downloaded all the modules of a subscribed level. These modules will work for a prescribed duration in the computer you downloaded. We typically set this duration as 1 year from license acquisition. This duration is sufficient to learn 10 to15 Levels.
  • Play these videos in the Hobitute Video Player (double-click on the icon at the desktop). Assume you downloaded 20 modules of a Level in a Course; first-time when you play each module, enter email-id (same as the email-id used at in the Player and also connect to Internet to validate the license. Validation is a one-time process. Subsequent to this validation, you need not enter the Email-id or connect to Internet to play video modules.             

  • Learn and enjoy one of the best and systematic art educations in the world. Your art guru is always with you. We will be adding new course levels periodically.
  • Be part of Art Network where you could gain insights from other learners and Gurus. Also contribute to Art Network by sharing your learning and thoughts.
  • Utilize art blogs, knowledge library, art demos and other knowledge artifacts that we add from time to time. Visit to know about these.
  • Also tell us what you liked and where we need to improve. We are in the process of constant improvement.
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