Why Hobitute's Online and Fully Downloadable Art Education?

Welcome to Hobitute’s Art Education. Hobitute offers fully downloadable online courses in Drawing and Painting. If you are spending too much money and time to learn art or you are time pressed to join a course or you are not able to get a systematic art education, JOIN Hobitute.

Hobitute researched the web based drawing and painting education for several years before arriving at various effective mechanisms. With our beta version, we tried this education among several children and adults to fine-tune overall effectiveness. Hobitute, for the first time in the world, brings you completely downloadable drawing and painting courses from basic to advanced levels. Also we are regularly adding new courses and improving the mechanisms. Hobitute online art education is intuitive and highly effective as it brings expert coaching to your home without any time constraints. Also these courses are cost effective.

Our endeavor is to take high-quality art education and awareness to all sections of the society across the world (see Hobitute Art Foundation at www.hobituteartfoundation.org ) without location constraints. Note that your subscriptions are contributing to Hobitute’s free art education to thousands of economically backward children.

See why shouldn’t miss Hobitute’s online drawing and painting courses:

  • Hobitute allows the learner to download the online painting and drawing courses to the local computer. Thus you will be able to run the video anytime based on your convenience without connecting to Internet. Thus our art teacher is always with you at home. [ Don’t forget to download the ‘Hobitute Download Manager’ for smooth and uninterrupted downloads and to enjoying learning ]
  • Very systematic and slow teaching mechanism with plenty of examples. Experts in the respective areas with several years of experience are our Gurus. Our expert teachers have taken pain to explain even the minute techniques, thus making it very easy for the learner to understand the concepts and practice.
  • Best suited for adults and children who are busy with day to day activities like studies, projects, and activities for academic success.
  • Convenience of learning drawing /painting as hobby for professionals, homemakers etc who have time constraints in joining a class/course.
  • Course modules are highly intuitive. We are confident that you will not have any doubts while learning. Still you have questions, Log on to our website and click on "ask question" link against the module. Our experts will answer your to your questions. Also view answers to the questions by other participants too. Also you may email your questions to contactus@hobitute.com.
  • Get feedback to your artwork. Upload the image of your art work. Our Gurus will give you expert comments.
  • Art Blogs that discussing various topics by the experts.
  • Access to our panel of expert teachers.
  • Wide areas in drawing and painting are covered at various levels. We are committed in adding new courses and levels periodically.
  • Hobitute follows systematic way of teaching wherein a proper curriculum or pattern is followed unlike any conventional teaching or hobby teaching. Lot of emphasis has been given to the techniques.
  • We are regularly adding expert talks and other knowledge artifacts to our knowledge library. These would help learners to get different perspectives about subject from various experts. This is very unique as you will not gain such knowledge in the conventional coaching.
  • For this highly effective coaching you pay much lesser than what you would pay otherwise on a monthly basis to institutes or art teachers.
  • Art network to discuss with your friends and peer learners. Join Art network and you may create groups for such discussions. In addition, we also have open discussion groups in the areas like drawing, shading, oil painting, poster painting, etc. Also you could get feedback from your fellow learners and gurus on your art creations that you upload to the network. Actively participate in these discussions for gaining maximum benefit.
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